Auto Focus (2002) Paul Schrader

Production Budget: $7 million
Worldwide Gross: $3 million

Auto Focus is about Bob Crane’s rise to stardom under his title role in Hogan’s Heroes.  Crane practically has an addiction to all things sex and he forms a relationship with an electronic technician John Carpenter.  Crane and Carpenter film their sexual encounters and their lives spiral down when Hogan’s Heroes is taken off the air.  This movie is not so much about Crane (although we do learn facts about his life) but about addiction and obsession.  Crane is obsessed about sex to the point it destroys any kind of family or personal life.  Greg Kinnear is just about perfect in look and performance as Crane and Defoe continues to be creepy as the swinging cameraman with a lust for Bob Crane.  Schrader is not a great director as far as camera work and being visually inventive, but he does know how to tell a story.  Here Kinnear is pretty much doing the bulk of the work here.  Auto Focus is a good movie, however its one of those movies I only need to see once.  There really isn’t any replay value or a need to revisit it any time soon.  Its good, but I’m not sure if I can recommend it to everyone.


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