Team America: World Police (Trey Parker) 2004

Production Budget: $32 million
Worldwide Gross: $51 million

Team America is a parody of big budget action films (namely Michael Bay movies) and all the controversy of the current Iraq War.  The idea came from Parker and Stone reading the script for Armageddon and thinking of doing a puppet version of it since the writing didn’t need adding because it was already silly enough.  Due to a fight over film rights, they just decided to make a new story.  The film received generally good reviews and attracted its share of controversy as the South Park boys can do.

Personally, I think the movie is f*cking hilarious.  Yeah, the movie makes shots at a lot of targets which are bound to offend everyone.  That is until you just realize Parker and Stone do not have any particular agenda and are not trying to force any issues down your throat.  The are equal opportunity haters and I am sure they would rip on themselves if they thought it would get a laugh.  So get over it.

The parts I like the most are obviously the jokes on Michael Bay movies and the songs are the best part of it.  Songs like America, F*ck Yeah, Freedom Isn’t Free, Montage, Only A Woman, and Pearl Harbor Sucked, I Miss You are simply genius.  There are plenty of great lines and fresh jokes and it doesn’t overstay its welcome.  I found this funnier than the South Park movie.  So yeah, if you liked South Park I think you will love this movie.  I recommend it.

Its nice to have a good bomb after this current string of crap bombs.


One Response to “Team America: World Police (Trey Parker) 2004”

  1. Paul York Says:

    Just saw it on your recommendation. I thought it was funny — very funny — but also incredibly crude and offensive too. I guess that’s what the filmmkakers were looking for. I read Sean Penn’s note and he has a point in it (though he is not funny), which is that the Iraq war is a serious matter not to be taken lightly. And Ebert seems to say the same thing below, and to comment against the moral nihilism the movie conveys. Ebert says it better than Penn. That having been said, the movie was funny. Funny and offensive. And I think you basically said that in your review.

    “If I were asked to extract a political position from the movie, I’d be baffled. It is neither for nor against the war on terrorism, just dedicated to ridiculing those who wage it and those who oppose it. The White House gets a free pass, since the movie seems to think Team America makes its own policies without political direction.
    I wasn’t offended by the movie’s content so much as by its nihilism. At a time when the world is in crisis and the country faces an important election, the response of Parker, Stone and company is to sneer at both sides — indeed, at anyone who takes the current world situation seriously. They may be right that some of us are puppets, but they’re wrong that all of us are fools, and dead wrong that it doesn’t matter.”

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