The Informers (2009) Gregor Jordan

Production Budget: $18 million
Gross: $300,000

Apparently L.A. in the 80’s was a pretty sleazy place.  I did not know that.

Informers is a slice of life film set in LA in the 80’s with many different plot threads.  One thread is about a boozer father taking his apathetic son to Hawaii.  Another is about a movie producer (Billy Bob Thorton) who is trying to stay with Kim Basinger’s character after sleeping around with Wynona Ryder’s reporter character.  Another thread is about a stereotypical drugged up Brit-pop singer who falls into the spiral of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.  There is another thread about Mickey Rourke and Brad Renfro kidnapping kids for some kind of sex trade.  And yet another is about a bunch of brooding 20 somethings doing drugs and moping about life having no meaning.

In short, all these characters are evil, unlikable fucktards who get shit on by life and by the end of the movie their lives are even more terrible.

I get what this movie is saying.  I really do.  These people live in absolute excess where they have all the power, sex, and drugs they could ever have.  Despite all that they are emotionally dead and money doesn’t buy happiness and they no longer have any moral compass and blah blah blah blah.  This story and its themes have been done to death.  American Psycho took a tired theme and did something completely new and interesting with it.  Movies like this are like the inbred third cousin of movies like L’Avventura.

This movie is dark and depressing and by the end is even more dark and depressing.  There is absolutely no wit or charm though and the messages is nothing new.  So not only am I depressed, but I’m bored on top of it.

There are some decent performances.  Brad Renfro (in his last film role before dying of an overdose) gives a great performance.  There is no story though, no story arc.  Most importantly though we are given no reason to care.  There is nothing to hold our interest throughout.

Hate to hammer this point through (like this movie did) but there is no reason to waste your time with this movie; it’s a thin message, endlessly restated.  Informers is a depressing movie with nothing to pique your interest.


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