Last Action Hero(John McTiernan)1993

Production Budget:  $85 million (estimated)
Worldwide Gross: $137 million
Subsequent earnings: $26.8 million

On paper, Last Action Hero should have been great.  It had John Mctiernan who had directed Predator and Die Hard and Arnold was, well Arnold.  You couldn’t go wrong with Arnold.  Or could you? The original budget was around $20 million, but McTiernan and Arnold had a blank check to work with.  McTeirnan shot multi million dollar action sequences and large stunts.  The plot is about a young boy who gets to go to his favorite action movie series (Slater) with the use of a magic ticket.  Slater’s villain Bennedict gets the ticket and wreaks havoc in the real world.  To tell you the truth, I can’t point to a single reason why this movie failed.  Maybe it’s because people didn’t care for a satire on the Ahnuld action picture, maybe it’s because people wanted an R-rated murder fest as opposed to a family friendly comedy, maybe it’s because it was released the same time as Jurassic Park, maybe because its not really good, who knows.  The movie did lackluster business at the box office, but has made its money back with DVD sales and rentals.

Is it any good?  It’s something of a guilty pleasure.  It is enjoyable to watch a self-deprecating Arnie and the movie has some good jokes about the action genre.  The best scene is probably the movie trailer for the Arnold version of Hamlet.  “Claudius, you killed my fatha. Big mistake.”  Charles Dance is also funny as the evil Bennedict.  Now the movie does have its problems, mainly the kid.  The kid is annoying, more annoying than the kid in Shane, more annoying than Jake Lloyd.  I wanted Arnie to duct tape his mouth 15 minutes in.  And the third act is very weak.   It was too long and there were not enough jokes.  But overall I think its funny and might be worth a rental.


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