The Brothers Bloom (2009) Rian Johnson

Production Budget: $20 million
Gross: $4 million

I almost didn’t go to see this movie.  I absolutely loved Brick (its one of my favorite movies) and I was highly anticipating Rian Johnson’s next movie.  Upon seeing the trailer though I was dreading the result and thinking it would be his sophomore slump.  The trailer for this is truly awful and I came in almost expecting the worst.  Thankfully that was not the case.

The Brothers Bloom is about two brothers (played by Mark Ruffalo and Adrien Brody) who are the most respected con men working today.  Stephen (Ruffalo) is almost like a Dostoevsky in creating brilliant psychological cons and elaborate stories.  Bloom (Brody) is the face man who can be anyone his brother wants him to be.  Bloom wants out because he feels like he has no identity and nothing in his life is real anymore.  Stephen convinces Bloom to come back for one more con involving a rich shut in played by Rachel Weisz.

I had heard a few complaints about the movie and I guess I will address them.  The first I have heard is that people are comparing it to the Sting and that it is nowhere near that level.  Well, if you start comparing every movie to the movie that defines that genre then you will be disappointed nearly every time.  I don’t see that as a logical critique of the movie.  The second gripe is one that had me dreading watching the movie from the trailer.  The problem being the movie is too cutesy for its own damn good.  I mean from the trailer it seems like everyone is winking at the audience and its oooh so wacky and goofy and cute it makes you wanna vomit.  I will admit there were a few times where the movie was too wacky.  An example being when a character known as the Belgian has a problem with gas in a scene.  Really, do we need to resort to fart jokes in a movie like this!?  But I’ll admit I was won over by the tone of this movie.  Yes, it is a little cutesy but nothing that’s overly sappy.  Everyone is having a fun time and you really get caught up in the fun.  The Brothers Bloom is really charming and funny and you just need to chill out and enjoy it.

If I had a gripe its that I wasn’t completely won over by Adrien Brody.  He does a great job but at times he was a little too mopey and used his wounded puppy dog face a little too much.  For the most part though Brody is great and I really loved the work by Ruffalo.  I feel this movie is kind of like the In Bruges of this year.  Its a very fun comedy that will be overlooked in the theaters because its “indie”.  And like In Bruges I hope it gets the attention it deserves on DVD (and also like Brick I guess).  Trust me, I will take this any day over a predictable rom com like Ghosts of Girlfriends Past or annoying crap like Night at the Museum 2.  The Brothers Bloom is a fun heist movie and I am really starting to like Rian Johnson as a director.

I figured this would show up on my bomb thread eventually.  Oh well, check it out now that its out on DVD.


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