Judge Dredd (1995) Danny Cannon

Production Budget: $90+ million
Worldwide Gross: about $110 million

Yeah I know NC reviewed this movie which would give you a pretty good indication of what to expect.  I personally have not read much Dredd.  I bought a few books like Dredd vs. Death but haven’t quite gotten around to them yet.  However I’ll wager a guess the movie doesn’t quite follow the comics faithfully.  Juuuuuuuust guessing.  As much as I do enjoy the camp of some of these movies, I can’t feel a little bad for the writer of the source material Hollywood teabags.

Now the reason to watch this movie is the campy acting.  You don’t get just one person chewing the scenery, you get a whole cast doing it.  Stallone is always reliable as the beefcake who blurts out one liners.  The special boobie prize goes to Armand Assante as Rico.  His scene chewing is the stuff of legends.  Al Pacino called and he thinks he was overdoing it.

It can’t all be good though.  The worst part of this movie (as is with any movie he’s in) is Rob Schneider.  Good god is he unfunny.  When I think of the role he is trying to play, I think of Seann William Scott in the Rundown.  He starts off the same way, but I wanna say there is some catharsis to his annoying personality when he gets beat up and humiliated.  It makes us feel better when he gets his comeuppance.  And later on the movie Scott does tone down his performance somewhat.  Contrast that with Schneider who is bouncing around like a 5 year old on crack going “LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME!!!” from the beginning of the movie to the end.  There is nothing redeeming about his performance; he is needles in your ears and eyes painful.

Over all it’s a ‘so bad its good’ movie.  I break it out every once and a while.  Makes me want to see what the real Judge Dredd is like however it’s surprisingly difficult getting trade paperbacks of his comics.


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